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An amalgam of vigor, function, and longevity.
Telos Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Telos (télos) – ultimate end; purposiveness.
Telos Rhodesian Ridgebacks are our life companions. We have shared our lives with Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1994. Each dog is member of the family that enjoys a healthy, active, functional lifestyle throughout all life stages. 
Our focus is on maintaining our dogs with a natural diet, regular exercise, and engaging mental activities. We strive to raise balanced, healthy, even-tempered dogs that not only meet the breed standard, but also of greater genetic diversity.

Katrina and  Rick

Madison, WI
Next Anticipated Breeding Winter 2025  
Puppy inquires welcome, please contact us to learn more and obtain a puppy application. 
Jakari2022 WM.tif
Future Sire: Glenaholm Jakari Duke of Juluka
Titles:  TKP
Troppo (001) WM.tif
Future Dam: Telos Too Much
Titles: NW1​, NW2, NW3, NW3-ELT, ELT-2
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